Dr Lex Mauger, James Hogg and Sophie Tyson. Leybourne Lake. Sept 2018....
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Lots of people have been asking us what it looks like when you are wearing SwimAR.  It won't be long till some of you get to try it out for real.  But until then, we've put together some footage in our 'fake pool', here in the studio, to give you an impression of h...
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It won’t have escaped any triathlete that training in the pool lacks the immediate performance feedback available running or on your bike. “Real time feedback for athletes is really helpful for a number of reasons,” said Amit Katwala, author of The Athletic Brain....
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First pool test for SwimAR

January 28, 2018
Really exciting news from the team - the first pool test of the SwimAR prototype and it's a superb result! Most importantly - it's waterproof over a few lengths (huge sigh of relief from Mark)! One by one the team is testing it out underwater to experience for ourselves real...
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Living up to the hype

January 15, 2018

Reality check for smartglasses

Anyone following this year's announcements at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas, will have noticed the event was overflowing with smartglasses. There were new products from well-known companies like Vuzix, Epson and Samsung and a whole load of new entries such as Th...
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We asked Julian Swan, one of the SwimAR creators, what's on his mind as he looks to 2018. "I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I do like to take some time to plan my year ahead and review my bucket list.  When it comes to sport related achievements, I know I have ...
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November 2017 was all about showcasing our SwimAR prototype at Innovate 2017 - the latest product in development from The Imagination Factory.  Along with a short video we made, giving swimmers a taste of what can be seen underwater with SwimAR, we t...
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